“EIH is capable of transforming large-scale service demand and asset performance for an unparalleled customer experience”

Etihad Int’l Hospitality

EIH excels in providing exceptional quality services and in a highly competitive environment, is compliant with international standards for better service towards its clients.

Current core business areas are covered under the following specialized divisions:

Why Choose EIH

Based in the United Arab Emirates, EIH has a seat at the table of a global centre of excellence that is renowned for its high penetration in the worlds of luxury tourism, hospitality and leisure.

Our aim is to actively reshape the modern hospitality industry by building strong, trusting relationships with our customers. We promise to work closely in tandem with all our clients and help them succeed through our access to world-leading industry standards and technological solutions.

With a leading professional team armed with cutting-edge technology, we support the growth of many different sectors ranging from Ministries to Luxury hotels and schools.

Our team

“Our strategy is defined and dictated by our client’s requirements”

At EIH, we strongly believe in staff training and development. To provide innovative learning opportunities
to all our team members both at administrative and at operation level.

Our qualified and highly-experienced team is able to assess the requirements of each client’s site and provide the best solution based on the industry standards as defined by our management team.

We ensure that resources allocated to each site are selected based on the latest technology while manpower is deployed according to scale, time and distance for an optimal, efficient service.

Health and Safety

“Our primary focus is to
protect our clients, our staff
and the environment.”

At Etihad International Hospitality LLC, we follow Environmental Health and Safety guidelines and best practices in accordance with applicable laws and legislations and accordingly developed EIH policies and procedures. These are consistently communicated through training programs for the entire team.

Etihad Int’l Hospitality

Specialist audits at each work place are conducted at regular intervals to ensure strict compliance.

At EIH we provide innovative learning opportunities to all our team members both at administrative and at operation level. We also maintain a strong Teamwork throughout the organization.

“Our customers are at the
center of everything we do!”

Etihad Int’l Hospitality


EIH, we believe that social responsibility should be a priority for all 21st Century business models

We see this as central not only to our employee experience but to our contribution to the general movement towards environmental sustainability as well.

By embedding an environmentally friendly culture into all our practices, we build trust with our customers and partners, we adhere to the latest standards in health and safety and we advance the communities in which we operate.

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