Int’l Fresh Harvest

Our story: A fresh face for fresh produce in the UAE

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an essential source of joy for everyone. Whether it’s the banana in your banana split, the Romanesco cauliflower that accompanies your Friday night dinner or the apple you bring to work every day, they make life just a little bit better, fresher and easier.

Int’l Fresh Harvest was conceived in July of 2020, making us a relatively new player on the fresh produce scene in the United Arab Emirates.

We will officially open our doors to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, palaces, and catering companies seeking the best fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East at competitive prices. Are you ready?

Our services

Fresh, organic produce sourced from the best suppliers in the UAE and maintained in- transit by IFH.

Reliable, efficient delivery carried out by our best-in-class delivery team and our cutting- edge, made-for-purpose vehicles.

Highly competitive prices with the embedded potential to make further savings on bulk orders.

Our sustainability mission: It’s all about local produce

In a world where imported produce is increasingly the norm despite a growing awareness of the environmental damage that is caused by large carbon footprints, we firmly believe that companies with a conscience will always choose to source food from local suppliers where possible.

IFH is proud to say that, for us, sustainability is a priority and not just a tagline. As such, we highly monitor all of our emissions and devote a significant amount of our time to reducing our impact. We always choose a local supplier when conducting market research and we insist on ‘Fair Trade’ principles and ethical business practices to support even the smallest grower.

In addition to our commitment to preserving the earth, we recognize that we have a responsibility to the country we work in. As such, sourcing from local suppliers will boost agriculture, the UAE’s economy and provide support to the government in line with the UAE’s food security agenda.

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